Our Service Offering


Safety is our 1st Priority - Here are Hanco we ensure and enforce strict safety procedures and rules to ensure our staff as well as our clients and pedestrians are absolutely safe. We always have professional and trained site observers on site to ensure that these rules are adhered to at all times. We specialize in a large variety of building works and building related works:

  • Brickwork - We are equipped to build double and single brick walls ranging from a small to large scale
  • Tiling - We always strive to create the perfect space therefore we will go to any length to obtain the perfect tile to meet our client's specifications. We are very well equipped to do floors as well as walls.
  • Carpet Work - We supply and fit a wide variety of carpets and pride ourselves in the variety we are able to offer all our clients. Our products range from industrial type carpets to the more residential types and we always try to get the best deal and guarantee per m2.
  • Demolition  - We demolish and break up walls as well as remove the rubble from site and dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly way
  • Painting - We paint on any type of surface (if applicable) and we are able to deliver a large variety of colours. If needed we can mix colour so that they match specific needs
  • Cladding - Cladding is the application of a texture or material over a wall to achieve a specific look and feel. Cladding has become one of the most favourable methods of achieving modern style. There is a whole array to choose from and we offer them all!
  • Plaster Work - Using plaster has a large number of advantages including the fact that it's hard, is flexible which allows for modelling, arches etc, and the fact that it eliminates irregularities such as board joints. Our plaster work is without any exception smooth and durable.