Our Service Offering

Drywall Partitioning

Drywall partitioning is one of the most effective methods to divide big open spaces into smaller rooms because it is light enough to move around easily, it delivers a soft and smooth painting surface and it's easy to install.

Not only do we specialize in standard drywall partitioning, but also the installation of fire drywall partitioning and metal drywall partitioning.

  • Fire drywall - This type of drywall is specifically installed to slow down passive fires within a space.
  • Metal drywall partitioning - This is a type of drywall used specifically for safety and security purposes.


We specialize in a variety of ceiling installations including suspended ceilings, standard ceilings, plaster ceilings and bulkheads

  • Suspended ceilings - Suspended ceilings offers great advantages such as its quick and easy to install, cables and pipes are hidden but still remain easily accessible for modification and suspended ceilings are better sound barriers.
  • Plaster ceilings - Plastered ceilings are perfect if you desire a polished and modern look as the finish is sleek and smooth. We use only the best materials to ensure that no sagging occurs after time.
  • Bulkheads - Bulkheads are installed to create a specific feature inside a room, to connect to rooms with different ceiling heights or even to highlight art work.
  • Cornice - We import and use local suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that we deliver the perfect cornice to complement the ceiling.

Concrete Works

  • Foundations - At HANCO we believe that one can only build a structure on a foundation that is solid, therefore we make it our priority to ensure that all foundations done by us are steady, up to standard and reliable so that our client can build their future on it.
  • Here at Hanco we are very well equipped to use, supply and fit anything to do with concrete.
  • We specialize in concrete screeds.
  • Tools - We make use of dumpy levels and the latest technologic lasers to ensure that our concrete work is smooth, level and up to standard.


Safety is our 1st Priority - Here are Hanco we ensure and enforce strict safety procedures and rules to ensure our staff as well as our clients and pedestrians are absolutely safe. We always have professional and trained site observers on site to ensure that these rules are adhered to at all times. We specialize in a large variety of building works and building related works:

  • Brickwork - We are equipped to build double and single brick walls ranging from a small to large scale
  • Tiling - We always strive to create the perfect space therefore we will go to any length to obtain the perfect tile to meet our client's specifications. We are very well equipped to do floors as well as walls.
  • Carpet Work - We supply and fit a wide variety of carpets and pride ourselves in the variety we are able to offer all our clients. Our products range from industrial type carpets to the more residential types and we always try to get the best deal and guarantee per m2.
  • Demolition  - We demolish and break up walls as well as remove the rubble from site and dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly way
  • Painting - We paint on any type of surface (if applicable) and we are able to deliver a large variety of colours. If needed we can mix colour so that they match specific needs
  • Cladding - Cladding is the application of a texture or material over a wall to achieve a specific look and feel. Cladding has become one of the most favourable methods of achieving modern style. There is a whole array to choose from and we offer them all!
  • Plaster Work - Using plaster has a large number of advantages including the fact that it's hard, is flexible which allows for modelling, arches etc, and the fact that it eliminates irregularities such as board joints. Our plaster work is without any exception smooth and durable.

Glass and Aluminium Shop-fronts

  • We supply and fit glass and Aluminium shop-fronts
  • We have suppliers that supply is with any specific or desired glass and Aluminium item.
  • In modern buildings glass and Aluminium are preferred materials to use as it provides a sleek and modern clean look


  • We supply and install all types of paving
  • With paving there are an endless variety and great patterns to choose from.
  • It's usually used as parking areas or around homes and swimming pools.
  • Quality paving - It is of great importance to us that the paving bricks and sand are always stored in a very safe environment to ensure that they don't get damaged and that our standard of quality work is met.
  • Suppliers of paving - HANCO only uses the best and most trustworthy suppliers for all products, to provide our clients with only the best quality combined with the largest variety possible.

Shop Fitting

  • Shop fitting is the process of fitting and installing all equipment, fixtures and fittings needed in a business space.
  • As different shops need different fixtures and equipment we strive to provide our clients with the widest variety available to satisfy each and every need.
  • Aircon/Ventilation - We use only the best and most specialized sub-contractors to complete the tasks of supplying and installation of aircon units and ventilation units.


  • HANCO provides a team of specialized plumbers to attend to an array of plumbing problems our clients might encounter
  • We fix, supply and fit our plumbing services to residential and commercial areas as well as large shopping malls.
  • Some of our many plumbing services include the installation and repair of geysers, the maintenance of plumbing (new and existing plumbing) as well as attending to blocked drains.


  • HANCO provides a team of specialized electricians to attend to an array of electrical works our clients need done.
  • We fix, supply and fit our electrical services to residential and commercial areas as well as large shopping malls.
  • Our electricians we use are fully qualified and well equipped to deal with any electrical situations.
  • We offer an array of services including the installation of plugs and lights and the supplying of COCs (certificate of compliance)


  • We supply and fit any door, door handles, locksets and door closers to match our client's specifications and specific needs.
  • We supply Aluminium doors, fire doors, hollowcore doors ECT.
  • We also paint the doors (when applicable) to match any specification given by each valued client.


  • HANCO offers excellent roofing systems as well as re-roofing applications.
  • We specialize in many different roofing complexities such as re-roofing and roof repairs.
  • We are able to supply clients with the largest variety of roof tiles, slates and skylights
  • We solve roofing problems such as water leaks and insulation and we supply and fit gutters as to prevent further water buildup and to secure a good system.


  • By using only the best in materials we supply our clients with peace of mind waterproofing and damp proofing.
  • We are well equipped to use bituminous torch-on applications and cementations latex applications.
  • Our services stretch over the commercial, industrial and residential areas because no job is to big or small


  • We supply our clients with strong, protective fencing either with or without electrical fencing.
  • We install new fencing, do maintenance on existing fencing as well as extend or shorten existing fencing as desired.
  • As we understand that every business property is unique we also paint fencing to the clients specifications.

Shade Nets

  • We supply our clients with only the best in shade net material as well as fit it securely to ensure peace of mind for our clients.
  • Our shade nets can be used for an array of different needs such as shade for cars in parking areas, used in sporting areas ect.
  • We offer various types of netting with vary in density as well as colour.
  • We provide these nets for industrial as well as commercial and shopping mall areas.

Fire Services

  • We use only the best and most specialized sub-contractors to complete these tasks as we believe specialized attention and knowledge is needed at all times to ensure work is done properly and that safety standards are adhered to.